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JAY-Z aka The Billi G.O.A.T. is officially a billionaire, according to Forbes. In a Forbes cover story, it is revealed that his fortune “conservatively totals $1 billion, making him one of only a handful of entertainers to become a billionaire—and the first hip-hop artist to do so.”

Congrats to the OG Big Homie for reaching this milestone that he spoke and worked into existence! It started with the thought, then he affirmed, now it’s a reality!

It started twelve years ago when Jay affirmed on 50 Cent’s “I get money (Remix)… “I’m already the GOAT, next stop is the billi” then a year later on Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” Beat Jay further declares…

“Geah, a billi, a billi, a billi a billionaire
Call me Philli Collins, I feel a billion is in the air
I affiliate, with Billy Gates, that’s my peer
And John Meneilly-onaire is my consigliere
When I wear Billionaire Boys Club, it’s more than gear
I don’t wear it cause Pharrell, I wear it ’cause I’m fo’real

(I see dead people)
I see Benjamins and a billion other big head people
I’m a natural born hustler, Marcy Projects motherf#$&r

Other mentions include… On Smile… “Bet before I go I put a Billion on the board”

This is proof that if you want something to happen you must first imagine it in your mind then bring it to fruition

Forbes states…  Jay-Z’s steadily growing kingdom is expansive, encompassing liquor, art, real estate (homes in Los Angeles, the Hamptons, Tribeca) and stakes in companies like Uber.

Clap 👏🏾 for him! Salute to the billionaire from Marcy for breaking down that barrier… NOW WHO’S NEXT???? We didn’t come this far to just come this far!

Click here to ready full article via Forbes

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