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Relevant Financial Guidance and Tools for Every Stage of Life!

We are a financial education company that provides the resources and tools necessary to be successful financially in every stage of life. Through workshops, seminars, money-management books, articles, online courses, and audio/video programs; we help reeducate people on how to properly use and grow money. We also offer spokesperson and custom financial education programs that can be branded or private labeled for use on any website, micro-site, blog, mobile app, or newsletter. 

The Right Money Mindset Will Help You Live Your Best Life!

Our philosophy is simple: Get Your Mind Right and EVERYTHING else WILL fall into place! Your #MoneyMindset is the uppermost and leading attitude that you have about your finances. It dictates how you make key financial decisions every day. And it has a big impact on your ability to achieve your goals.

The late great Wayne Dyer once said… “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.” In that same vain, If you change your Mindset about Money, you WILL make better choices about how to overcome financial challenges and ultimately live your best financial life. Let us help you on this journey towards #FinancialFreedom

MindRight Money Management™, Provides Money Resources & Tools for Every Stage of Life!

Whether you are a college student, young professional, entreprenur, or parent, we have a solution that will help you properly manage and grow your finances and the finances of those you love.

College Program

Our College program uses a Student-led approach to assure participants are engaged and retaining the information

1-on-1 Coaching

Our Money Mindset Architects will work with you 1-on-1 to create a custom financial plan that will help you achieve all of your goals

Workplace Program

Our workplace financial education program gives employees the tools needed to manage their money better and become a more productive and happy employee

Group Coaching

Join our MindRight Money Academy to connect with like-minded individuals who are taking control of their financial lives

Effective Money Management in the Palm of Your Hands

Keep track of your money and financial goals on your smartphone. With our MindRight Legacy Builders program, you get your very own personal financial website on IOS or Android

We are a Leading Financial Education Firm Specializing
in Shifting Your Money Mindset.

Our online Money Academy gives you all of the courses necessary to take your financial life into your own hands. From credit repair, to creating mutliple streams of income, our DIY solution will set you off on the right financial foot.

Mind Right, Credit Right

The Ultimate Guide to Credit Excellence

Mind Right, Credit Right is the only credit course you'll ever need. It will give you a complete guide on achieving credit excellence and help you join the 700+ club

Mind Right, Write Right

Write Your Book in 90 Days or Less

With over 100,000 self-published books sold we teach you how to properly write and publish a quality book that WILL sell!

Mind Right, Life Right

Guide to Manifesting Your Dreams

Mind Right, Life Right will help you live your absolute best life! Using the laws of the universe it will teach you how to attract the life you want to live in real life

All Access Membership

New Courses Added Weekly

On MindRight Money Academy we are adding new content weekly to keep you updated and informed on how to manage and grow your money in the best way.

Our courses are fresh, relevant, and engaging. You will learn in a fun way that will keep you coming back. You will also retain the information learned with unlimited access to replays

Private Group

Connect with likeminded people in our private Facebook group that allows you to build community and access a network of individuals who are invested in your growth.

They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with so we are upgrading your tribe! #IronSharpensIron

Unlimited Email Access

Have a question that you need answered privately? Email us directly to get answers to all of your questions. The MindRight Money Academy team is very responsive so look to have your answers within 24hours or less.

Join the MindRight™ Money Academy

Our online academy is your one stop source for financial motivation! From basic money mangement courses, to credit, business, and lifestyle courses, we have you covered with every aspect of your life. Our courses are ALWAYS relevant and will give you actionable items that you can implement immediately!

Monthly Plan

$17/ Month

Low monthly investment. Cancel anytime

  • On Demand Learning
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Private FB Group
  • Weekly Live Streams

Annual Plan

$157/ Year

Best value! Save $47 + Free Books

  • On Demand Learning
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Private FB Group
  • Weekly Live Streams

Semi-Annual Plan

$87/ 6 Months

Great value! Save $30 Annually

  • On Demand Learning
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Private FB Group
  • Weekly Live Streams

What are people saying about MIndRight Money Mangement®?

Don't take our word for it... Hear testimonials from some of our current and past clients
  • Credit Repair Service

Bogdan Improved His Credit!

MindRightCredit helped me go from a score of 430 to 756 within 6 months thanks to the step by step guidance from the one and only Ash Cash

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  • Live Events

Our Live Events Will Keep You on Your Feet!

There's so much energy in a MindRight Money Management workshop which is why our live events are so memorable

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  • Group Coaching

We Help Families Become Financially Free!

Our group coaching is designed for the whole family including the kids

News and Insights

Check in with us as we give you our insight on what’s happening in the world with our financial twist. Our articles are designed to keep you abreast on current events with tips on how you can use them in your everyday life. Get Your Mind & Your Money Right!!!