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Nike’s Wokeness is Good for Business

As we know there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Colin Kapernick and his stance (or knee) against police brutality and the marginalization of black and brown people in America (which was somehow twisted as a fight against cops and the American flag.) Well Nike decided to use Colin in it’s latest “Just Do It” ad and as a result it has been met with some criticism and praise.

Some people against the ad went as far as to burning their Nike sneakers stating that they will never support Nike again. On the flip side there were many so moved by the ad that they pledged their support in way of dollars towards Nike. According to Market Watch. Nike’s online sales have been up by 31% this week (Sunday to Thursday), compared to a 17% increase in the same period last year. After the ad first came out, Nike’s stock dropped a little and many thought that was because of the ad and this would be the fate of the company but apparently that wasn’t the case. In fact, some are questioning whether this move was calculated on Nike’s part.

Many are speculating that Nike took a calculated risk on this ad because it knew that those who would be against it were part of the minority, or the part of their customer base that buys their Nike’s from Marshalls for $27.18. As comedian @KevonStage mentioned he doesn’t see anyone burning any Vapor Max’s, Lebrons, Jordans, or Kyrie’s! LOL!

This doesn’t seem far off but has Nike Always been on the side of controversy? As Personal Finance Expert and Entreprenuer, Dominique Brown mentioned in a FaceBook post, “Nike has a history of standing by their athletes and being controversial on social issues! Nike stayed with Mike Vick, Nike stayed with Charles Barkley (“I am not a role model “ad), Nike stayed by Tiger (“Winning takes care of everything”) Ad …right in the middle of his “Hey it’s me tiger on the voicemail shenanigans”! They even left golf but stayed by his side.”If you let me play sports” Ad – This was about Title IX! The federal Civil Rights Law Regarding Equality in education that granted women greater opportunity in publicly sponsored athletics. Nike stayed with Kobe (after Colorado) Nike stayed with Colin. Nike has always been on the side of the controversy and they are built for it. This is what makes Nike… well umm Nike!”

“Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything,”

The ad features the tagline “”Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything,” and has done wonders for Nike. Mentions of Nike on social media jumped by 1678%, and Colin Kaepernick mentions by 362,280%… Oh did I mention that the company’s online sales went up by 31%. While it is important to support companies that stand for something don’t only do so by being a consumer. I’m not saying you should by Nike stock but wouldn’t owning a piece of a company be better than owning their products? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Watch the whole ad below:



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