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Serena Williams Umpire Controversy: Why Knowing (and Using the Rules) Against Financial Institutions is Important in Personal Finances

Passion, as it pertains to sports, is what makes the game exciting, and when an athlete expresses that raw emotion, it makes for a more entertaining experience for the fans in the stand and viewers at home. Unless you’re Serena Williams, then expressing emotion can cause you to lose the U.S. Open....
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Drake & Meek Mill Officially Squash Their Beef: Why it’s Important to Make Things Right with Your Creditors

Drake and his former nemesis Meek Mill have apparently made amends following a long-running feud. The Toronto superstar brought out the Philly rapper during a show at the TD Garden in Boston on Saturday night (September 8). Drake, of course, was performing with Migos as part of the Aubrey and The Th...
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Christian Combs More Than Just Diddy’s Son: Why establishing your legacy has more of an impact than you know

When your father is a Hip Hop mogul, and everyone knows that your 16th birthday party was better than theirs, you’re bound to have a different view of the entertainment world than the average person. But, when your name is Christian “King” Combs, you try to counteract that notoriety by showcas...
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